Outfit Post: Sparkles!

As I said in my recent eBay post, I’m in a sort of self-imposed shopping ban to save money for this summer’s trip to the USA. However, this could only last so long, since a shopping addict with zero self-control stands no chance living five minutes from an Urban Outfitters, and surrounded by vintage stores. So I guess what I’m saying is that I may have fallen off the wagon. Just a little bit though.

Last night was my sister’s birthday celebrations at Verve Bar, and I woke up yesterday with an urge to go and see what the Urban Outfitter’s sale had to offer. I KNOW. I was asking to break my resolution. However, when I got there, not really expecting to find anything, I discovered this dress from Cooperative which was originally £65, but, and wait for it – I only paid £10. Technically £9 after student discount. I KNOW. How could I not buy this dress? It would be rude not to!


Also, just how adorable is this dress? It’s super cute, with sparkles and navy and general amazingness. So I had to buy it. The shopping gods spoke to me through this dress. I teamed it with my Kurt Geiger Chelsea boots and my massive Topshop bug necklace, just to add a little extra sparkle. My nail varnish is Beach Hut from Topshop – I love the splash of yellow with the navy.








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