Style Scout Gets Fash-tellectual

As I reminded you a few weeks back in my Man Repeller post, I am sometimes disposed to read the odd book or two. I’m studying English Literature, so you would hope that I could read. Well folks, I can, and I spend many an hour reading a variety of books, some of which I like, some of which I despise, and am forced to turn to the rosé wine to get through. Note: Never turn reading Richardson’s Pamela into a drinking game with yourself. You will lose.

However, as you would expect, I am often guilty of straying from my required reading, into the more alluring world of fashion books. I’m a sucker for a good photography tome, or anything about Vogue archives, so I have a pretty broad collection going on. I always turn to these books if all the Thomas Hardy (or right now, Howard’s End) gets too much, and I get sucked in usually for a good hour or two.

I thought I would share a few of my current favourites with you now, in case it inspires anyone! They’re mostly photo-driven books, although there is a memoir in there that you’ll all be familiar with. It also shows you my manic and messy mantlepiece, which is stretch to the end of its ability as storage.




1 – Tim Walker, The Granny Alphabet

I LOVE TIM WALKER. It’s a thing, I’m sorry. This book is just too delightful for words. It’s funny, stylish, and adorable, and filled with some seriously glammy grannies. I love it. Sorry for the hair products that frame the photo, but that’s just my life in a nutshell.


2 – Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

A gift from two of my gorgeous gal pals, this book is a big old tome, good if anyone ever tried to rob me/if I need to kill a spider. It gives you the rundown on American Vogue fashion editors like Grace Coddington, showcasing some of their best-loved shoots and having a chat about their inspiration.


3 – Grace Coddington, Grace: a Memoir

The Bible for anyone who dreams of being a fashion editor (like myself). Grace is just about one of the coolest people around, am I right? I love this memoir, it makes me cry and laugh and feel jealous at her creativity and all her ideas that I wish were my own.


4 – Scott Shulman, The Sartorialist Closer

Shulman is one of my favourite street style photographers, and I have been obsessed with his blog The Sartorialist for a long, long time. This book is the second in the series, and takes a closer look at even more of his photographs. This is style porn for those of you who love a good outfit photo.


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