Are They Still ‘Mom’ Jeans if I’m English and Childless?

I feel some minor guilt over the use of the term ‘Mom’ jean, mainly because, as the title states, I am neither American, which would justify the spelling, nor do I have any children. My jeans should really be called ‘single 21 year old with barely any ability to wash herself let alone another human being’. The washing isn’t a joke. I’ve been wearing my hair in a top knot a LOT this week. And there’s only one reason for my top knot. Only I don’t think that would be catchy enough for Topshop to adopt as a title. And somehow, I think that’s a little too much information in one item of clothing.


However, I think for the sake of this post, we can just give me a free pass, right? Because this isn’t about what we call clothes. This is about the amazingness of the clothes themselves.




Right now I’m really embracing my ‘mom’ jeans, as you would have guessed from this post. Mine are a pair from Cheap Monday that I purchased from Urban Outfitters in a sale a while back. I love them because they’re super comfortable and a nice light denim colour. Although it gets a little tricky when finding shoes, because I tend to look a little dumpy if I wear them with a trainer/Vans type shoe – they look best when teamed with loafers or with a heeled boot. Luckily, those are my preferred shoes!





How about a cheeky close-up? My boots are Kurt Geiger, my socks are somewhere random, and my nail varnish is Barry M! Yay for details!




I’m all about Topshop denim, as you well know from my previous posts about my Jamie jeans! I’ve selected a few of my favourite Mom jeans from their selection online.

02T01EBLE_thumb 02G02FMDT_2_thumb 02M02FIND_2_thumb 02M04EIND_2_thumb


Also, we need to talk about my jacket. It is indeed a replica of the jacket that Ryan Gosling wears in Drive. Oh yes. You may have seen it on my Instagram and Twitter, although I don’t think I’ve featured it in a blog post officially. But I’ve recently started wearing it out and about a lot more, so I thought I would chuck it on here!



One thought on “Are They Still ‘Mom’ Jeans if I’m English and Childless?

  1. i really love your jeans. Cheap Monday do some really lovely ones and theyre a great quality.
    you can buy them directly from cheap monday without having to go to urban outfitters as they have an online store :)
    Im a Swedish Fashion Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog :D

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