Pink in Winter? That’s Crazy Talk!

Is anyone else feeling a little sick of the winter weather? Rhetorical question, because I don’t really care: I, for one, am definitely sick of the cold and more importantly the rain, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

I’ve typically limited myself to a darker colour palette during these distressingly dark months, however, I’ve noticed that this winter, more and more summer hues have been cropping up, refusing to be ignored during their restful period. Most noticeably, some unashamedly pink pinks have been in my eye line. And I LOVE IT.

Pink has always been relegated to summer, which I think is unfair because it’s the colour of all the best things: strawberry French Fancies, my favourite Bobbi Brown lipstick (Passion Fruit), Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb fragrance…you get the picture. So really, pink should be embraced all year round, am I right? I’m right.

The pink coat was THE coat to have this season, if you’ll cast your minds back to when Topshop released some of their best coats ever, one of which was a divine sickly sweet pink colour. They took a leaf out of Burberry’s winter book and injected some pastels into their wardrobe WITHOUT waiting for Spring to come around. The pink coat is the easiest way to inject this colour into your wardrobe.

L-R: Miss Selfridge, New Look, ASOS

23W02NPNK_large image1xl-1 image1xl

I’ve selected all the pink things that I wish I could buy right now but can’t because of the shopping ban. Remember that? The really stupid resolution I made for 2014 which has turned me into a monster with erratic mood swings and fluffy hair. Okay the hair isn’t the fault of this resolution but…it might as well be.

Personally I prefer a lighter pink tone, because I think that it’s easier to handle in this season, and also generally nicer to look at. BUT, that’s a matter of taste, and I’ve included some brighter pinks in there too for those of you who like a shock factor. I’ve gone for skirts here because that’s what I’m feeling the most love for at the moment, and I think that you can channel Cher from Clueless best with a pink skirt. Which is what we all want, right?

L-R: Topshop, ASOS, Motel.

27N13FPNK_2_thumb image1xl-162O38FRAS_large

I am also currently obsessed with pink nail varnish, and, as per usual, Topshop has some amazing make-up across the whole board, not just for your nails, to add a splash of that girly pink to your look. I live and breathe for Topshop matte nail varnish in Candy Fox. It is legit. And this lipstick is in Petal. Adorable.

20L02EPNK_large 20N03EPNK_large

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