Monochrome Madness

So who would have EVER thought that the day has finally come when I want to throw out all of my colourful, power-clashing clothes and simply wear black, white and grey for the rest of my days? That time has come. Okay, so not as dramatic as that – I still wear a LOT of prints, probably more than the average person, but, gradually, a strongly monochrome palette is edging its way into my wardrobe, cheeky little bugger! I’m crediting this change to my work wardrobe, which largely consists of black. By the time I finish work I can’t really see any other colours, so it makes sense that I’ve suddenly started working a monochrome moment.

I’ve fallen HARD for the most simple of basics, and anyone would think that I’ve discovered the v-neck t shirt or something, because I’ve been buying them from Topshop in every (dull) shade. I mean, they do have colourful versions, but for the moment, I’m working black, white and grey.

09K01FBLK_large 09K01FGRY_large 04Y27EWHT_large

I have also begun sporting the most amazing jeans, also from Topshop (sorry everyone else). As you may know, I typically only wear Topshop Jamie jeans. They’re high-waisted and super skinny, and the denim is slightly stretchy which I love for all my lunges (not). So the pair I just bought are grey and they have ripped knees, which is a fun variation on my typical jeans.


And basically I team it with sliders for the daytime, or a good Chelsea boot for the evening to add a little sass. I am ALL about my gold Zara sliders, as you will have seen in recent blog posts.

I am desperately seeking the perfect white shirt, and so far Zara has really pulled through with some great options, including these beauties…

2318166250_1_1_1 4886058250_2_3_1 2472150250_2_1_1

So, there you have it everyone, I have finally turned into a minimalist. I mean, I still wear eight rings and a LOT of eye make-up, so I don’t know if you can’t quite call this minimalism, but I’m maximising minimalism. It’s definitely a thing.

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