Naked Knees and Mr Darcy Shirts

As we’ve all discovered, I’m definitely more of a ‘winter’ girl. I like a cheeky chunky knit, appreciate a long sleeve, and I definitely, DEFINITELY prefer to have my legs fully clad in a tight jean, rather than being exposed to the elements in a tiny pair of shorts. Basically, I’m not meant for summer. At all. So the recent warm weather has been somewhat of a challenge for me, particularly given my recent penchant for darker colours. Not ideal.


Anyway, I’ve got this recent obsession with white shirts, and I FINALLY found The One in Topshop (of course). It cost Β£30 and it’s a a total love of mine. It reminds me of a shirt from a Jane Austen novel (the men’s shirts, obviously), because it’s all voluminous, and I sort of love that. So I’m just going with it.




So I’ve teamed the blouse with a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans, another recent purchase, with ripped knees. I figured that if I want to keep cool then at least baring my knees allows for some ventilation, right…?




Finishing off the look is a pair of sliders courtesy of Zara. YUM. You might know that I’m pretty obsessed with sliders as my shoe for the summer, and I’ll be doing a post on my favourite high street styles of the shoe soon!!


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